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M-Series: Monitors

MAS Sensor

WITH 4-20mA Output
2 Wire, Loop Powered, Microprocessor

The MAS is a two wire, microprocessor photosensor which provides a light level input into lighting control and building automation systems. The MAS has four models which are used in different locations in and around a building. The MAS sensors are powered by 24VDC, but can accept from 18 to 30VDC. The output signal is 4-20mA. This robust signal can travel up to 4,000ft without the signal degrading. Both the 4mA and 20mA values are calibrated to factory standard footcandle settings using NIST traceable equipment; Indoor, Outdoor, Atrium and Skylight.


Sensor Style Min Adj Max 1/2 X Max 1X Max 2X
MAS-I Indoor 0 50 Fc. 100 Fc. 200 Fc.
MAS-O Outdoor 0 125 Fc. 250 Fc. 500 Fc.
MAS-A Atrium 50 500 Fc. 1,000 Fc. 2,000 Fc.
MAS-S Skylight 100 2,500 Fc. 5,000 Fc. 10,000 Fc.

MAS-CAL Sensor



The MAS-CAL is the fi eld calibration unit for the MAS sensor. It is designed to operate off of either a 9V battery or external 24VDC power supply. The MAS-CAL provides the MAS sensor with power from either source. The MAS-CAL is used to view the settings of the MAS sensor and be able to halve or double the factory set full scale range of the sensor and be able to double or reset to zero the factory set timing.



Brochure - Sensors pdf

Data Sheets - MAS pdf; MAS-CAL pdf

Application Notes -

Specifications - PDF

Engineering Drawings - DWG

Installation and Maintenance Manual - MAS pdf; MAS-CAL pdf

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